VBA Training NYC

new york cityVBA Training NYC

Live classes run once a week for 3 weeks in midtown Manhattan. 21 hours of VBA training.

Classes run every month, three Sundays or three weekdays. Every other month VBA training also runs classes weeknights.

Our training includes a video library for you to review classes online, as well as extensive homework to practice.

No experience needed. Our training sessions are geared towards business users who have never written a computer program.

Visual Basic Applications (VBA) is for beginners. Learn how to automate repetitive tasks with Excel.

VBA Training also offers courses in Access VBA programming and Word VBA.

What is VBA?

what is vbaVBA is an acronym for Visual Basic Applications. The word Basic in VBA is an acronym for Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instructional Code, with an emphasis on beginners. VBA is included with the popular Microsoft Office Suite programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. VBA allows business users to automate repetitive tasks or enhance a programs features.

Why People Learn VBA?

We have found several scenarios where you may benefit by learning VBA programming. These include:

  • Write your own programs
  • Read and fix other peoples programs
  • Job skills require VBA in some sectors
  • Curious to learn programming and need an introductory course

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